Former Trump lawyer to auction NFT of a memoir written in prison

NEW DELHI: Michael Cohen, former lawyer of erstwhile United States President Donald Trump, will display and auction a non-fungible token (NFT) of the first page of his memoir written while serving his prison term, NFT marketplace ArtGrails announced.

The ArtGrails NFT exhibition will run from December 1 through December 12, a statement said.

Bidding will begin on December 1 at 5 PM Eastern Time and will go on till December 12, 5 PM Eastern Time. The auction will be accessible via In addition to the manuscript, ArtGrails said it is releasing a set of fixed price Cohen’s prison badge in an NFT Edition release on December 12 at 4 PM Eastern Time, which will feature three different levels of rarity – Open, Gold and Grail.

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The successful bidder will receive the original manuscript, which was handwritten by Cohen while serving the first days of his federal sentence in New York’s Otisville Prison, as well as an NFT-backed video of Cohen working on the memoir’s first pages from his holding cell. The video, recorded by an unnamed colleague, was filmed just before the former Trump attorney was sent back to his luxury Park Avenue apartment to serve the rest of his term.

In addition to the NFT-backed physical manuscript page, written on Cohen’s personal letterhead, and his actual Prison Badge from Otisville Federal Prison, the team at ArtGrails is making available limited release NFT versions of Cohen’s Otisville Federal Prison badge.

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