ItsBlockchain collaborates with Mudrex, launches three new indices

New Delhi: Itsblockchain has collaborated with Mudrex, a cryptocurrency platform, to launch three new indices with an aim to simplify crypto investing. The major focus of these indices will be on gaming, metaverse, and low caps.

Y Combinator and Nexus Venture Partners-backed Mudrex operates in more than 90 countries. Meanwhile, is India\’s first crypto education publication.

Mudrex Coin Sets allows investors to invest in theme-based baskets of tokens like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or decentralised finance (DeFi).

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These coin sets are automatically rebalanced by their fund managers and users get to see live returns on their investment.

Commenting on this, Hitesh Malviya, founder of, said that Mudrex Coinsets makes the job easy of finding good cryptocurrencies in the overcrowded market.

\”We have received great responses from our investors about Mudrex customer support so far. We are looking forward to launching more indexes in the near future in collaboration with Mudrex,\” he added.

Have a look at the three new launched indices:

IBC10 Metaverse

Metaverse is likely to be the biggest play of this decade. If one believes that the future lies in the metaverse, he/she needs to get exposure to some proven projects that are leading in the metaverse sector. IBC10 Metaverse is one of the best performing indices on Mudrex.

IBC10 Play-to-Earn

The next major trend in crypto is gaming. Recognizing the recent parabolic growth and future possibilities in blockchain gaming, a new index is dedicated to play-to-earn.

IBC10 Low Cap Gems

To fetch exponential returns, investors eye low-cap altcoins. One can reap robust returns in a short period. On the contrary, such coins are extremely volatile and can erode a major chunk of your wealth. This index includes low cap coins in the crypto DeFi market.

\”Hitesh\’s approach to look at different cryptocurrency projects and identify fundamentally strong ones is pretty commendable. These Coin Sets encompass projects that are spread across different sectors,\” said Edul Patel, CEO & Founder, Mudrex.

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